Partnership Program

Partnership Program


PORTFOLIO RESOURCE CENTER was created in 2006 and was recently modified to provide for a combined Virtual and Human Factor Approach and to complement Autonomous Personalized Investing. PRC is uniquely suited for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Self-Directed Investors using Discount Brokerage Services (DBS) for their Registered and Non-Registered Investment accounts.

A value-enhancing Coaching/Training/Monitoring & Investor Facilitating Domain for Online, Discount Brokerage & Self-Directed Investment Accounts!

Portfolio Resource Center (PRC) with over 30 years of Investment Industry experience was established to provide a Unique, Practical, and Innovative, hands-on approach to Personalized Investing.

At PRC, we have created a Personalized Investment Portfolio Coaching/Training/Monitoring & Investor Facilitating Service that enables and empowers the Investor to better understand and to become better informed during the Investment Process when benefiting from the flexibility of the increasingly popular Discount Brokerage Services (DBS) available today. We call this process:

Personal Empowerment Investing (PEI )™.

This Investment Process which combines Virtual Capabilities and Technology with the Human Factor Approach ultimately to; help, guide and empower the Investor to become more astute and knowledgeable regarding his or her Personal Portfolios and Styles, enabling the Investor to take full advantage of their Investment Goals and Objectives all while achieving Peace of Mind.

Most of our Members have been referred to us from other professionals, mostly Accountants, who do not have the required time and/or expertise in the Investment area to help their clients and to properly navigate through the various Investment complexities and elaborate terminology now inherent in the Investment world.

At PORTFOLIO RESOURCE CENTER we try to keep things simple while continuing to “add value” to our Members’ Personal Investment Journey.


Therefore, we continue to partner with Chartered Accountants (CAs), Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) and other Professionals in offering our experience and/or expertise in the Investment area in providing our existing and new Members Personalized Investment Portfolio Coaching/Training/Monitoring & Investor Facilitating Solutions.

For more Advanced Investors who require more “Hands-On” Services, we can suggest to have a second look or opinion of the Investor’s Portfolios with a simple “Snap-Shot” review of the portfolio with reference to the general overall market and economic conditions, and of course aligned with the Investor’s Personal Investment Needs and Objectives.


At Portfolio Resource Center (PRC), our goal is to work with select Investors with the objective to “Simplify and Maximize their Investment Journeys” and that meet the following criteria; a) that Investment Portfolios are held at Discount Brokerage Services (DBS); b) that Investors may require additional services to complement or add value to their own Plan, c) Investors will subscribe to one of three (3) flexible Member Packages of which one is FREE as outlined in our Subscription Packages page here: Packages- Details


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