About Us

About Us


PORTFOLIO RESOURCE CENTER was created in 2006 and was recently modified to provide for a combined Virtual and Human Factor Approach and to complement Autonomous Personalized Investing. PRC is uniquely suited for Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y) Self-Directed Investors using Discount Brokerage Services (DBS) for their Registered and Non-Registered Investment accounts.

A value-enhancing Coaching/Training/Monitoring & Investor Facilitating Domain for Online, Discount Brokerage & Self-Directed Investment Accounts!

Our Mission Statement:

“The Power to Choose and to Use the “Right” Information to your Advantage”

Established in 2006 to provide a unique, practical, innovative, hands-on approach to PERSONALIZED INVESTING, while enhancing one’s investment knowledge and skills through a comprehensive, educational and innovative Personalized Coaching/Training/ & Investor Facilitating Services. Please see: Investment Modules.

PORTFOLIO RESOURCE CENTER was created for all Investors to acquire Coaching/Training/ Investor Guidance Services, and to empower the investor with practical, purposeful Investment Guidelines in order to meet their investment needs and objectives, THEIR WAY!

By adding value to our Members’ experience, our Coaching and Training Services enables investors to realize their potential in better understanding and managing your own portfolios.

Our Innovative Service is considered as one of today’s alternatives to the existing one-sided and Impersonal Investment models today.

Our company’s mission is to achieve a mutually rewarding working experience with our members and their families built on three basic principles: (1) Integrity, (2) Trust and (3) Accountability.

With over 30 years of experience in the Investment Industry, our Investment Coaching/Training solutions are based on two main primary objectives:
the first being; to well inform, educate, empower and inspire confidence for the investor, and secondly; to guide and familiarize our Members with the ample Investment tools readily available today on online platforms and on the internet to enhance the Coach/Facilitator Investment experience. We call this process:

Personal Empowerment Investing
(PEI )™.

Our expertise at PORTFOLIO RESOURCE CENTER is oriented towards our long-standing experience in the Investment Industry combined with the use of Information Technology that is readily available to us (and to most Investors as well) from various established and reliable sources on the Internet.

This “Combined Expertise Formula” helps us to integrate a Personalized Approach for the purpose of meeting our Members’ needs and goals by using timely information more efficiently while providing the highest level of quality personalized services and solutions using our Practical and Flexible value-enhancing Package Models. Our three (3) Packages are ideally designed for the (D-I-Y) Self-Directed Investor!

Tony Spagnolo, FCSI
Tony Spagnolo, FCSI
Founder, Investment Coach and Educator

Over 30 years of Investment Industry experience!

Former Portfolio Manager with Major Investment and Banking Institutions,
Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute

Your Investment Coach’s credentials:

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Our services are not intended for day-traders, speculators, or high-risk oriented investors.

This site is ideally suitable for moderately aggressive to conservative portfolios.

Our Commitment

At PORTFOLIO RESOURCE CENTER, we are committed to Coach/Train/Facilitate/Monitor/Guide and Empower you, the Investor, to realize your potential in better understanding and managing your own portfolios better and more efficiently.

You, the Investor will be able to take charge of your own Portfolios like never before. We’re there to help, guide, and make it easy for you to acquire the “desired skills” to enable you to excel every step of the way.

“This is our commitment to our Member investors…that we will be playing a part in helping to ensure that our Members become more acquainted and comfortable with the mechanics of the financial markets and to guide our Members on ways to Protect, Preserve and Maximize the future valuation of our Members’ hard-earned assets, all while acquiring financial Peace of Mind in the process”.

PORTFOLIO RESOURCE CENTER offers a unique way to gain more control, more knowledge and skills to better understand and manage your own portfolios, YOUR WAY!

For any questions on our services or to Book your FREE 15-minute no-obligation Consultation telephone call or Virtual call on (Skype), please choose and schedule your FREE and Private Personalized Consultation using our “Booking Calendar” here: https://portfolioresourcecenter.com/book-a-free-consultation

Tony Spagnolo, FCSI
Investment Coach & Educator