Your coach's credentials:

The Canadian Securities Institute
(1981-88) Fellowship Designation
FCSI #1314, 1988

Canadian Investment Finance
I & II (1987-88)

The Canadian Futures Examination
I & II, (1988)

Foreign Currencies Course Philadelphia (1984)

The Canadian Options Exam (1982)

The Registered Representative Manual (1981)

The Canadian Securities Course (1981)

The Montreal Stock Exchange 1980
Floor Trading Workshop Courses

Stocks & Options Courses

Introduction to Bond Futures Course

Other Investment Related Courses
and Workshops

Sentry Select Continued Education
Options Strategies and Asset Allocation (2002)

Mackenzie Financial Conference
San Antonio
Continued Education Investment Management (1993)

Mackenzie University
Continued Education
Professional Development for Financial Advisors (1997)

FCSI Diploma

Canadian Options Diploma

MTL Stock Exchange courses

MTL Bourse courses

Options Strategies Certificate

Tony Spagnolo, FCSI
Founder, Investment Coach
and Educator

Tony Spagnolo - Your investment coach!

Canadian Securities Course

Canadian Investment Finance Diploma

Canadian Futures Exam Diploma

Mackenzie University Certificate

Mackenzie Conference Certificate

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