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Our Mission Statement:

"The power to choose and to use information to your advantage"

Established to provide a unique, practical, innovative, hands-on approach to PERSONALIZED INVESTING, while enhancing ones investment knowledge and skills through comprehensive, easy to implement educational, informative, and interactive Investment Modules.

PORTFOLIO RESOURCE CENTER was created for all investors to acquire training, coaching, and to empower the investor with practical, purposeful investment guidelines in order to meet their investment needs and objectives, THEIR WAY!

Our service enables investors to realize their potential in better understanding and managing your own portfolios while reducing their overall fees. Our innovative service is considered as one of today's alternatives to existing high fee-structured, labour intensive, one-sided institutions.

Our company's mission is to achieve a mutually rewarding working relationship with our clients and their families built on integrity, trust and accountability.

With over 24 years experience in the investment industry, our Investment Training & Coaching solutions are based on two main primary objectives, the first being; to well inform, educate, empower and inspire confidence for the investor, and secondly; to apply our Interactive Training & Coaching environment Model to enhance the Investor/Coach relationship. We call this process,

Personal Empowerment Investing
(PEI )™.

Our expertise at PORTFOLIO RESOURCE CENTER is oriented towards the use of information technology that is available to us from various established sources including the World Wide Web (Internet) for the purpose of meeting our clients' needs for reliable and timely information while providing the highest level of quality personalized services and solutions using a competitive pricing model in a flexible environment.

Tony Spagnolo, FCSI
Tony Spagnolo, FCSI
Founder, Investment Coach and Educator

Over 36 years of Investment Industry experience!

Former Portfolio Manager with Major Investment and Banking Institutions,
Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute

Your Investment Coach's credentials:

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Our Commitment

At PORTFOLIO RESOURCE CENTER, we are committed to train, coach, and empower you, the investor, to realize your potential in better understanding and managing your own portfolios while reducing your overall fees.

You, the investor will be able to take charge of your own portfolios like never before. We're there to help, guide, and make it easy for you to acquire the desired skills to enable you to excel every step of the way.

This is our commitment to you, the investor. It's your future, so why not gain more control, more knowledge and skills to understand and manage your own portfolios, YOUR WAY!

Tony Spagnolo, FCSI
Investment Coach & Educator


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